8 Ways to Use Custom Mats as a Marketing Tool

by Jessica Tyner on May 8, 2013

A narrow-minded business owner might view floor mats only as a tool to reduce the amount of dirt found on interior floors and carpets. But an entrepreneurial owner might see the potential marketing opportunities that could arise from obtaining a personalized mat to display outside a business. Here are eight marketing benefits that can be reaped with a personalized mat.

1. It’s a way to get marketing out of something you need anyway. You know how delivery or service companies put their logos and company names on their trucks and other vehicles? Since they need trucks to conduct business, why not put them to use as billboards,too? It’s the same thing for floor mats; you probably need them to help keep your floors clean, so why not get some marketing value out of them in the process?

2. It helps identify where your front door is. If your entryway is in a business center or office complex, it may not be obvious to new or potential customers. In these cases, you may not be allowed to but up a huge sign in front of your door, but a personalized mat is probably permitted.

This may be effective, but it’s a bit obtrusive. Plus, you have to pay these folks.

3. It’s a “sign” that’s more likely to be seen by pedestrians. When people are walking on sidewalks, they may not see business signs that are above their eye lines. However, they’ll almost certainly notice your big personalized mat on the ground in front of them.

4. It’s signage that you don’t need approval for. Do you dread having to go through some city zoning committee or property management company just to get permission to erect a sign for your business? Chances are, you can display a personalized mat without having to navigate a bunch of bureaucratic red tape.

5. It’s signage that doesn’t get “lost” in a sea of other signs. Think about the last time you tried to find a storefront’s sign on one of those mutli-sign display towers at the front of shopping centers. It’s like a frustrating “Where’s Waldo?” comic. A personalized mat in front of your front door won’t get swallowed up by other business signs.

“I just want to know where Betty’s Hair Salon is!”

6. It’s a “sign” that very visible to children. If your business caters to kids, then personalized mats more likely to be noticed by them because of their shorter stature. When they say, “I wanna go to the place with the smiling bear,” you’ll know they are talking about the Happy Grizzly Daycare Center.

7. It can be part of customers’ photos. It’s not uncommon for people to photograph themselves in front of a business for whatever reason. If your personalized mat appears in their picture, then you’ve just received some free marketing courtesy of your customers.

8. It’s a “sign” that’s sturdier than many other forms of marketing. Freestanding signs, wall-mounted signs, and banners can get dirty, cracked, or broken, thereby costing you more money to make them look new again. With a personalized mat, all you do is keep it clean and it’ll last for a long time, and save you money in upkeep as well.

What’s THAT gonna cost to get fixed?

Remember: you can’t spell “marketing” without “m-a-t.” Why not invest in a custom mat and collect more customers instead of just collecting dirt?


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